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Symfo Mania is the weekly special covering symphonic and progressive rock music, broadcast every Tuesday evening on the Dutch national radio station Arrow Classic Rock.

Presented by Maarten Goossensen, it covers recent releases as well as classics and rarities from the genre's rich history.

This site collects the show's playlists from 2016 onwards, and aims to (eventually) provide browsing, searching and statistics features to the show's fans, in (eventually) a modern responsive layout. And it'll be appear in Dutch too (eventually smiley ).

Overall 20162017201820192020

Statistics for 2019

Total tracks:     413
Total shows:52
Average tracks/show:7.9

Total distinct artists:     157
Total distinct albums:269
Total distinct tracks:399
Artists most played:

314Pink FloydENNLPA 
412King CrimsonENNLPA 
108Steven WilsonENNLPA 
117Dream TheaterENNLPA 
127Porcupine TreeENNLPA 
146Big Big TrainENNLPABC
156Earth & FireENNLPA 
165The Flower KingsENNLPA 
175Huis  PA 
205Mostly AutumnENNLPA 
215Nick MagnusENNLPA 
225Steve HackettENNLPA 
244Gentle GiantENNLPA 
264Jordsjø  PABC
274Knight AreaENNLPA 
294Lonely Robot  PA 
314SoenEN PABC
    Albums most played:

#PlaysAlbum - ArtistWikiPABC
17Tales From Outer Space (2019) - RPWL  PA 
26Selling England By The Pound (1973) - GenesisENNLPA 
35Abandoned (2019) - Huis  PA 
45Grand Tour (2019) - Big Big TrainEN PABC
54Catharsis (2019) - Nick Magnus  PA 
64D-Day (2019) - Knight Area  PA 
74Distance Over Time (2019) - Dream TheaterEN PA 
84In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969) - King CrimsonENNLPA 
94The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974) - GenesisENNLPA 
104Lotus (2019) - Soen  PABC
114Nattfiolen (2019) - Jordsjø  PABC
124Resistance (2019) - IQ  PA 
134Under Stars (2019) - Lonely Robot  PA 
143Acceleration Theory (2019) - In Continuum  PABC
153At The Edge Of Light (2019) - Steve HackettENNLPA 
163Atlantis (1973) - Earth & FireEN PA 
173Don't Panic (2019) - IZZ  PA 
183Foxtrot (1972) - GenesisENNLPA 
193Going For The One (1977) - YesENNLPA 
203Images And Words (1992) - Dream TheaterENNLPA 
213In Cauda Venenum (2019) - OpethEN PA 
223In Flight (2019) - Lucy In Blue  PABC
233Jesus Christ The Exorcist (2019) - Neal Morse  PA 
243Le Grand Voyage (2019) - Klone    
253Pitfalls (2019) - LeprousEN PA 
263Seventeen (2018) - Kayak NLPA 
273Travel Within (2019) - Moonrise  PA 
283Tre Ut (2019) - Trojka   BC
293Waiting For Miracles (2019) - The Flower Kings  PA 
303The Wall (1979) - Pink FloydENNLPA 
313The Web (2019) - Millenium  PA 
323White Rainbow (2019) - Mostly Autumn  PA 
333Wish You Were Here (1975) - Pink FloydENNLPA 

Albums & Tracks played per release year:

Year 1967'68'691970'71'72'73'74'75'76'77'78'791980'81'82'83'84'85'86'87'88'891990'91'92'93
Albums 1113106635363232332222101231
Tracks 1144141014675104443543322101261

Year 1994'95'96'97'98'992000'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'092010'11'12'13'14'15'16'17'18'19
Albums 45142458442323041224936112574
Tracks 4615376854242505133510461232149

Tracks played more than once:

#PlaysArtist - AlbumTrackLengthDates
13King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)The Court Of The Crimson King9:2201 January, 14 May, 15 October*
22Yes - Going For The One (1977)Awaken15:3822 October*, 24 December
32Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)The Cinema Show11:0604 June, 29 October*
42Rush - A Farewell to Kings (1977)Closer To The Heart2:5105 March, 23 July
52Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)Comfortably Numb6:4901 January, 29 October*
62Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)Firth Of Fifth9:3401 January, 29 October*
72Lonely Robot - Under Stars (2019)How Bright Is The Sun?6:0323 April, 17 December
82Genesis - A Trick Of The Tale (1976)Mad Man Moon7:3502 April, 10 September
92Arena - Songs From The Lion's Cage (1995)Midas Vision4:3626 March, 08 October
102Lucy In Blue - In Flight (2019)Respire7:5030 April, 10 December
112IQ - The Road Of Bones (2014)The Road Of Bones8:3216 July, 22 October*
122Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)Tom Sawyer4:3401 January, 22 October*
132Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)Wish You Were Here5:3428 May, 29 October*

  * = entry in Symfo Top 25

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