Symfo Mania Playlist Archive

Symfo Mania was the weekly special covering symphonic and progressive rock music, broadcast every Tuesday evening on Dutch website/DAB+ Arrow Bluesrock Radio.

Presented by Maarten Goossensen through June 2022, and by Marcel Debets from September that same year until June 2023, it covered recent releases as well as classics and rarities from the genre's rich history. The future of Symfo Mania is currently uncertain.

This site collects the show's playlists from 2016 onwards, and aims to (eventually) provide browsing, searching and statistics features to the show's fans, in (eventually) a modern responsive layout. And it'll be appear in Dutch too (eventually ).

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Statistics for 2017

Total tracks:427
Total shows:52
Average tracks/show:8.2
Average show length:
(excluding specials)
Total distinct artists:160
Total distinct albums:267
Total distinct tracks:393
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Artists most played:

122GenesisENNLPA SP
414Steven WilsonENNLPA SP
513Pink FloydENNLPA SP
98King CrimsonENNLPA SP
108Porcupine TreeENNLPABCSP
117Dream TheaterENNLPA SP
137Knight Area NLPA SP
175AnathemaENNLPA SP
185Barock Project  PA SP
195Big Big TrainENNLPABCSP
205BlackfieldENNLPA SP
215The Moody BluesENNLPA SP
225Pain of SalvationENNLPA SP
235RiversideENNLPA SP
245Spock's BeardENNLPABCSP
254Bad Dreams  PA SP
264Barclay James HarvestENNLPA SP
294PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)EN PA SP
304Roger WatersENNLPABCSP
314Steve HackettENNLPA SP
324Tim BownessENNLPABCSP
Albums most played:

#PlaysAlbum - ArtistWikiPABCSP
18To the Bone (2017) - Steven WilsonEN PA SP
26Heaven and Beyond (2017) - Knight Area NLPA SP
35Detachment (2017) - Barock Project  PA SP
45Going for the One (1977) - YesENNLPA SP
55Legends of the Shires (2017) - ThresholdEN PABCSP
65The Source (2017) - AyreonENNLPABCSP
74Cardington (2017) - Lifesigns NLPABC 
84Everyone Is Everybody Else (1974) - Barclay James HarvestEN PA SP
94Foxtrot (1972) - GenesisENNLPA SP
104In the Court of the Crimson King (1969) - King CrimsonENNLPA SP
114In the Passing Light of Day (2017) - Pain of SalvationEN PABCSP
124Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017) - Roger WatersEN PA SP
134Lost in the Ghost Light (2017) - Tim Bowness NLPA SP
144V (2017) - BlackfieldEN PABCSP
154The Visitor (1998) - Arena NLPA SP
163The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2017) - UlverEN PABCSP
173The Big Dream (2017) - Lonely Robot  PA SP
183The Division Bell (1994) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
193A Farewell to Kings (1977) - RushENNLPA SP
203Leftoverture (2001 remaster) (1976) - KansasENNLPA SP
213Malina (2017) - LeprousEN PABCSP
223Misplaced Childhood (2017 remaster) (1985) - MarillionENNLPA SP
233Nude (1981) - CamelENNLPA SP
243Octavarium (2005) - Dream TheaterENNLPA SP
253The Optimist (2017) - AnathemaENNLPABCSP
263Picture (2005) - Kino NLPA SP
273The Present (1983) - The Moody BluesENNLPA SP
283Red (1974) - King CrimsonENNLPA SP
293Rocket! The Dreams of Wubbo Ockels (2017) - PBII  PA SP
303Selling England by the Pound (1973) - GenesisENNLPA SP
313The Seventh House (2000) - IQ  PABCSP
323Signals (1982) - RushENNLPA SP
333The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery (2017) - The TangentENNLPABCSP
343Tales from the Lush Attic (1983) - IQEN PABCSP
353U.K. (1978) - U.K.ENNLPA SP
363The Wall (1979) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
373Wish You Were Here (1975) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
383The World Is Flat and Other Alternative Facts (2017) - Silhouette  PABCSP
Albums & Tracks played per release year:

Year 1967'68'691970'71'72'73'74'75'76'77'78'791980'81'82'83
Albums 10115585565222335
Tracks 104199101271013542669
Year 1984'85'86'87'88'891990'91'92'93'94'95'96'97'98'992000
Albums 13230102263254244
Tracks 25240103265265567
Year 2001'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'092010'11'12'13'14'15'16'17
Albums 3123105170512311681968
Tracks 314411101905123136925142
Tracks played more than once:

#PlaysArtist - AlbumTrackLengthDates
13King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)The Court of the Crimson King9:2203 January, 24 October*, 19 December
23Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day (2017)Meaningless4:4710 January, 04 April, 26 December
33Steven Wilson - To the Bone (2017)Pariah4:4630 May, 08 August, 17 October*
42Ulver - The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2017)19694:0027 June, 08 August
52Yes - Going for the One (1977)Awaken15:3828 March, 31 October*
62Barclay James Harvest - Everyone Is Everybody Else (1974)Child of the Universe5:0207 February, 29 August
72Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)Counting Out Time3:4214 February, 09 May
82Ayreon - The Source (2017)The Dream Dissolves6:1118 April, 13 June
92IQ - Tales from the Lush Attic (1983)The Enemy Smacks13:4927 June, 05 December
102Rush - A Farewell to Kings (1977)A Farewell to Kings5:4921 March, 07 November
112Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977)Fool's Overture10:5115 August, 31 October*
122Arena - The Visitor (1998)The Hanging Tree7:0915 August, 24 October*
132Knight Area - Heaven and Beyond (2017)Heaven and Beyond7:4207 February, 26 December
142Pink Floyd - The Division Bell (1994)High Hopes8:3110 January, 12 December
152U.K. - U.K. (1978)In the Dead of Night5:3810 January, 07 February
162Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink (1971)In the Land of Grey and Pink4:5118 April, 12 September
172Tim Bowness - Lost in the Ghost Light (2017)Moonshot Manchild8:5828 February, 26 December
182Lifesigns - Cardington (2017)N10:5710 October, 05 December
192Dream Theater - Octavarium (2005)Never Enough6:3309 May, 12 December
202Yes - Going for the One (1977)Parallels6:5204 July, 21 November
212Kino - Picture (2005)Perfect Tense4:1626 September, 12 December
222Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017)Picture That6:4720 June, 15 August
232Barock Project - Detachment (2017)Promises5:0516 May, 26 December
242Nad Sylvan - The Bride Said No (2017)The Quartermaster5:3804 July, 21 November
252Threshold - Legends of the Shires (2017)The Shire (Part 2)5:2419 September, 28 November
262King Crimson - Red (1974)Starless12:1831 January, 12 September
272Leprous - Malina (2017)Stuck6:4829 August, 07 November
282Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three... (1978)Undertow4:4515 August, 05 December
292Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)Watcher of the Skies7:1902 May, 19 December
302Blackfield - V (2017)We'll Never Be Apart2:5414 March, 09 May
312Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)Wish You Were Here5:3426 September, 24 October*
  * = entry in Symfo Top 25