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Symfo Mania is the weekly special covering symphonic and progressive rock music, broadcast every Tuesday evening on Dutch website/DAB+ Arrow Bluesrock Radio.

Presented by Maarten Goossensen through June 2022, and by Marcel Debets since September that same year, it covers recent releases as well as classics and rarities from the genre's rich history.

The Symfo Top 25, broadcast each year in October (except in 2009, 2013 and 2014), ranks the best tracks of all time as voted by the show's fans.

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Symfo List of All Time

The Symfo List of All Time combines the ranking of all tracks in all Symfo Top 25-40 lists, and is inspired by the work of GeeBee / Gerhard Borger.

  • Regular scoring: last entry gets 1 point, #1 gets as many points as there are entries (25-40)
  • Alternate scoring: #1 gets 40 points, #25 gets 16, down to 1 point for #40 if it exists
#ScoreTrackArtistAlbumYearLength WikiBCSP #YHP 20032004200520062007200820102011201220152016201720182019202020212022
1671Firth Of FifthGenesisSelling England By The Pound19739:34ENNL SP171 21213221221211112
2652Comfortably NumbPink FloydThe Wall19796:49ENNL SP171 34121353133132326
3584Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)Pink FloydWish You Were Here197513:40ENNL SP171 125756193565611131315
4567Script For A Jester's TearMarillionScript For A Jester's Tear19838:39   SP161 55447551095655861
5531Close To The EdgeYesClose To The Edge197218:50ENNL SP153 43129123544444548
6521The Hanging TreeArenaThe Visitor19987:09   SP171 3469321181017141311810975
7485Arriving Somewhere But Not HerePorcupine TreeDeadwing200512:02  BCSP141 21814154712323253
8431The Cinema ShowGenesisSelling England By The Pound197311:06   SP143 128131118161079784317
9357Metropolis Part IDream TheaterImages And Words19929:32EN  SP137 159107221912989221618
10332Tom SawyerRushMoving Pictures19814:34EN  SP128 212010891510121117199
11308Lady FantasyCamelMirage197412:46   SP124 111420830182216211294
12305AwakenYesGoing For The One197715:38   SP117 18714821111020151111
13271Wish You Were HerePink FloydWish You Were Here19755:34ENNL SP116 13242422252011141296
14256The Court Of The Crimson KingKing CrimsonIn The Court Of The Crimson King19699:22EN  SP106 6112017141515232014
15253Supper's ReadyGenesisFoxtrot197222:58ENNL SP84 912641612611
16243Second Life SyndromeRiversideSecond Life Syndrome200515:40   SP97 17281517217787
17233EchoesPink FloydMeddle197123:27ENNL SP86 668816102021
18227Fool's OvertureSupertrampEven In The Quietest Moments...197710:51 NL SP97 2319138197131723
191942112Rush2112197620:33EN  SP810 1011102423172217
20191July MorningUriah HeepLook At Yourself197110:36EN  SP73 4017354423
21172PaintboxPendragonThe Masquerade Overture19968:39  BC 77 311981313247
22164Silent LucidityQueensrĂżcheEmpire19905:48ENNL SP66 2015661817
23163The Gap Is Too WideMostly AutumnThe Spirit Of Autumn Past199911:37   SP66 11614192112
24158MerlinKayakMerlin - Bard Of The Unseen20037:50   SP67 26137161412
25155Yours Is No DisgraceYesThe Yes Album19719:36ENNL SP62 23191513219
26148IceCamelI Can See Your House from Here197910:10    69 29161791612
27138RoundaboutYesFragile19718:29ENNL SP614 141516192420
28122RoutineSteven WilsonHand. Cannot. Erase.20158:58  BCSP512 2114141222
29116AnesthetizePorcupine TreeFear Of A Blank Planet200717:42  BCSP513 1813182416
30110PariahSteven WilsonTo The Bone20174:46   SP512 2419122119
31105The New KingsMarillionF E A R201616:45   SP410 16161710
3293La Villa StrangiatoRushHemispheres19789:35EN  SP412 25161812
3391Mortal BrowKnight AreaThe Sun Also Rises20046:21   SP520 2025212325
3491EasterMarillionSeasons End19895:57EN  SP413 27181513
3588VigilFishVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors19908:46   SP414 22182214
3686Untouchable, Part 1AnathemaWeather Systems20126:14  BCSP310 131014
3780Carpe DiemMostly AutumnStorms Over Still Water20058:05   SP311 211111
3878The Musical BoxGenesisNursery Cryme197110:24ENNL SP36 25146
3978Harvest Of SoulsIQDark Matter200424:29   SP37 15723
4070EpitaphKing CrimsonIn The Court Of The Crimson King19698:47EN  SP420 23312020
4167Afraid Of SunlightMarillionAfraid Of Sunlight19956:50   SP315 201521
4265YYZRushMoving Pictures19814:24EN  SP28 98
4365The Raven That Refused To SingSteven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)20137:57  BCSP316 181624
4464Never Let GoCamelCamel19736:22EN   313 132422
4563Russia On IcePorcupine TreeLightbulb Sun200013:04   SP27 712
4663Conceiving YouRiversideSecond Life Syndrome20053:39   SP29 109
4760The Road Of BonesIQThe Road Of Bones20148:32   SP318 231822
4859DeadwingPorcupine TreeDeadwing20059:46  BCSP27 167
4957Rendezvous 6:02U.K.Danger Money19795:00 NL SP316 251625
5055EntangledGenesisA Trick Of The Tale19766:28   SP322 232322
5155A Fair JudgementOpethDeliverance200210:24   SP28 819
5254Crime of the CenturySupertrampCrime of the Century19745:20   SP320 202326
5352Lucky ManEmerson, Lake & PalmerEmerson, Lake & Palmer19704:36ENNL SP211 1119
5452Common GroundIQNomzamo19876:59   SP320 202427
5552GrendelMarillionB'Sides Themselves198817:14   SP210 2110
5646Poseidon's CreationEloyOcean197711:38   SP215 1521
5746NeverlandMarillionMarbles200412:10   SP217 1719
5846Drive HomeSteven WilsonThe Raven That Refused To Sing (And Other Stories)20137:37  BCSP218 1818
5944XanaduRushA Farewell to Kings197711:04EN  SP210 2810
6037He Knows You KnowMarillionScript For A Jester's Tear19835:22EN  SP14 4
6136SubdivisionsRushSignals19825:32EN  SP217 2917
6233The Spirit Of RadioRushPermanent Waves19804:56ENNL SP224 2524
6332Dancing With The Moonlit KnightGenesisSelling England By The Pound19738:01   SP224 2426
6432As Good As GoldPendragonThe Masquerade Overture19967:15  BC 225 2525
6531Perfect StrangersDeep PurplePerfect Strangers19845:23EN  SP110 10
6630WakerunKnight AreaNine Paths20118:05   SP111 11
6730She Is EverythingSpock's BeardOctane20056:46   SP225 2527
6829When Snow's Falling DownSilhouetteAcross The Rubicon20127:09  BCSP112 12
6929Heart Of The SunriseYesFragile197111:27EN  SP113 13
7028AqualungJethro TullAqualung19716:31EN  SP113 13
7127Shine On You Crazy Diamond (6-9)Pink FloydWish You Were Here197512:31ENNL SP115 15
7227SchoolSupertrampCrime of the Century19745:35ENNL SP114 14
7327Wonderous StoriesYesGoing For The One19773:45EN  SP114 14
7426The Carpet CrawlersGenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway19745:15ENNL SP115 15
7526Artificial SmileRiversideSecond Life Syndrome20055:27   SP115 15
7625The Drapery FallsOpethBlackwater Park200110:54   SP116 16
7724Carry On Wayward SonKansasLeftoverture (2001 remaster)19765:13EN  SP117 17
7824Hey YouPink FloydThe Wall19794:39EN  SP117 17
7923FrequencyIQFrequency20098:29   SP118 18
8023The Gates Of DeliriumYesRelayer197421:50EN  SP118 18
8122The Heat of the MomentAsiaAsia19823:54ENNL SP119 19
8222OctavariumDream TheaterOctavarium200524:00EN  SP119 19
8322KayleighMarillionMisplaced Childhood19854:03ENNL SP119 19
8421Halo of FliesAlice CooperKiller19718:21ENNL SP120 20
8521Winter WineCaravanIn The Land Of Grey And Pink19717:46    120 20
8620Tommy (Eruption part 2.3)FocusFocus II a.k.a. Moving Waves19713:25   SP121 21
8720In The CageGenesisThe Lamb Lies Down On Broadway19748:15   SP121 21
8820The Invisible ManMarillionMarbles200413:37   SP121 21
8919The Spirit Carries OnDream TheaterMetropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory19996:38   SP122 22
9019White RussianMarillionClutching at Straws19876:27   SP122 22
9119The Dogs Of WarPink FloydA Momentary Lapse Of Reason (2011 remaster)19876:05EN  SP122 22
9219Cat WalkSagaHeads Or Tales19834:24   SP122 22
9319The LightSpock's BeardThe Light199515:33EN  SP122 22
9419And You And IYesClose To The Edge197210:09EN  SP122 22
9518TowerAngelAngel19756:54   SP123 23
9618In The Land Of Grey And PinkCaravanIn The Land Of Grey And Pink19714:51    123 23
9718Gates Of BabylonRainbowLong Live Rock 'n Roll19786:46   SP123 23
9818SalisburyUriah HeepSalisbury197116:02   SP123 23
9917Isis And OsirisAyreonInto The Electric Castle199811:11  BCSP124 24
10017RetropolisThe Flower KingsRetropolis199611:07   SP124 24
10117Free HandGentle GiantFree Hand19756:14   SP124 24
10217Chelsea MondayMarillionScript For A Jester's Tear19838:16   SP124 24
10317Breaking The SpellPendragonThe Window of Life19939:18  BC 124 24
10416Pull Me UnderDream TheaterImages And Words19928:14EN  SP125 25
10516The Walk Part I & IIGazpachoTick Tock200913:41  BCSP125 25
10616MamaGenesisGenesis19837:25ENNL SP125 25
10716BurdenOpethWatershed20087:41   SP125 25
10816Humble StanceSagaSaga19785:50   SP125 25
10916Sweet FreedomUriah HeepSweet Freedom19736:37   SP125 25
11013Radioactive ToyPorcupine TreeOn The Sunday Of Life...199110:00   SP128 28
11112Watcher Of The SkiesGenesisFoxtrot19727:19ENNL SP129 29
11211Starlight DancerKayakStarlight Dancer19774:59 NL SP130 30
1139The Last Human GatewayIQTales From The Lush Attic198319:57   SP132 32
1148The Great NothingSpock's BeardV200027:18    133 33
1156Stardust We AreThe Flower KingsStardust We Are199725:02   SP135 35
1165Stairway To HeavenLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV19718:02ENNL SP136 36
1174Tubular Bells (Part One)Mike OldfieldTubular Bells19735:52   SP137 37
1183Song Of The Marching ChildrenEarth & FireSong of the Marching Children197118:20 NL SP138 38
1192Hocus PocusFocusFocus II a.k.a. Moving Waves19716:42EN  SP139 39

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