Symfo Mania Playlist Archive

Symfo Mania was the weekly special covering symphonic and progressive rock music, broadcast every Tuesday evening on Dutch website/DAB+ Arrow Bluesrock Radio.

Presented by Maarten Goossensen through June 2022, and by Marcel Debets from September that same year until its implicit cancellation in June 2023, it covered recent releases as well as classics and rarities from the genre's rich history.

This site collects the show's playlists from 2016 onwards, and aims to (eventually) provide browsing, searching and statistics features to the show's fans, in (eventually) a modern responsive layout. And it'll be appear in Dutch too (eventually ).

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Overall Statistics since 2016

Total tracks:3007
Total shows:381
Average tracks/show:7.9
Average show length:
(excluding specials)
Total distinct artists:511
Total distinct albums:1155
Total distinct tracks:2310
(Hover over, or tap on, album titles to view their cover images.)

Artists most played:

1158GenesisENNLPA SP
3109Pink FloydENNLPA SP
682Porcupine TreeENNLPABCSP
877Steven WilsonENNLPA SP
1051ArenaENNLPA SP
1146King CrimsonENNLPA SP
1238Dream TheaterENNLPA SP
1338RiversideENNLPA SP
1533Big Big TrainENNLPABCSP
1726The Pineapple ThiefENNLPA SP
1825AnathemaENNLPA SP
1924Gentle GiantENNLPA SP
2124Knight Area NLPA SP
2323Steve HackettENNLPA SP
2521The Flower KingsENNLPA SP
2620GazpachoENNLPA SP
2818BlackfieldENNLPA SP
2918Earth & FireENNLPA SP
3018Jethro TullENNLPA SP
3118LeprousENNLPA SP
3317The Moody BluesENNLPA SP
3417Oak  PABCSP
3616Airbag  PABCSP
3716SylvanENNLPA SP
3815OpethENNLPA SP
3915TransatlanticENNLPA SP
4014Emerson, Lake & PalmerENNLPA SP
4214Spock's BeardENNLPABCSP
4513Huis NLPA SP
4613Mostly AutumnENNLPA SP
4713The Neal Morse BandENNLPA SP
4812Barock Project  PABCSP
5012Lonely Robot  PA SP
5112MysteryENNLPA SP
5212Pain of SalvationENNLPA SP
5312SoenEN PA SP
5412Von Hertzen BrothersEN PA SP
5611Glass HammerENNLPABCSP
5711Ilúvatar NLPABCSP
6011Manfred Mann's Earth BandENNLPABCSP
6111Perfect Beings NLPABCSP
6210AntimatterEN PABCSP
6410Barclay James HarvestENNLPA SP
6510Bjørn Riis  PABCSP
6710Lee Abraham  PA SP
6810MilleniumEN PA SP
6910Peter GabrielENNLPABCSP
7010The WatchENNLPA SP
729The Samurai of Prog  PA SP
749SupertrampENNLPA SP
758Carptree NLPABCSP
768Clepsydra NLPA SP
778Fish on Friday  PABCSP
788Jordsjø  PABCSP
808Neal MorseENNLPA SP
818PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)EN PA SP
838Pure Reason RevolutionENNLPA SP
848QuidamEN PABCSP
858SatelliteEN PA  
868Tiger Moth Tales  PABCSP
877CaravanENNLPA SP
887Cosmograf  PABCSP
907For Absent Friends  PABCSP
917The GatheringENNLPABCSP
927Io Earth  PABCSP
947Moon SafariENNLPABCSP
957Nice Beaver  PA SP
977The Paradox Twin  PA SP
997SolutionENNLPA SP
1007SubsignalEN PA SP
1017Tim BownessENNLPABCSP
1026Everon NLPA SP
1036Finally George  PABCSP
1046Freedom to Glide  PABCSP
1066John WettonENNLPA SP
1076Jonas Lindberg & the Other Side  PABCSP
1086Kaprekar's Constant  PABCSP
1096Klone NLPABCSP
1106Nick Magnus NLPA SP
1116A Perfect CircleENNL  SP
1156The TangentENNLPA SP
1166Timelock NLPABCSP
1176Vienna Circle  PABCSP
1185The Aurora Project NLPABCSP
1195Collage  PA SP
1205Different Light  PA SP
1215Evership  PA SP
1225Flying ColorsENNLPABCSP
1235Harvest  PABCSP
1245It BitesENNLPA SP
1265Laughing Stock  PABCSP
1275Leap Day NLPABCSP
1285Lesoir  PABCSP
1295Lunatic SoulENNLPA SP
1335Roger WatersENNLPABCSP
1345Star OneENNLPA SP
Albums most played:

#PlaysAlbum - ArtistWikiPABCSP
131Selling England by the Pound (1973) - GenesisENNLPA SP
227Wish You Were Here (1975) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
321Going for the One (1977) - YesENNLPA SP
421To the Bone (2017) - Steven WilsonEN PA SP
520Nursery Cryme (1971) - GenesisENNLPA SP
619A Trick of the Tale (1976) - GenesisENNLPA SP
719The Visitor (1998) - Arena NLPA SP
818In the Court of the Crimson King (1969) - King CrimsonENNLPA SP
917Foxtrot (1972) - GenesisENNLPA SP
1017Fragile (1971) - YesENNLPA SP
1117Moving Pictures (1981) - RushENNLPA SP
1216Deadwing (2005) - Porcupine TreeENNLPABCSP
1316Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015) - Steven WilsonEN PABCSP
1416The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) (2013) - Steven WilsonEN PABCSP
1516Second Life Syndrome (2005) - RiversideENNLPABCSP
1616The Wall (1979) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
1715The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
1815Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) - Porcupine TreeEN PABCSP
1915The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) - GenesisENNLPA SP
2013F E A R (2016) - MarillionENNLPA SP
2113Images and Words (1992) - Dream TheaterENNLPA SP
221290125 (1983) - YesENNLPA SP
2312Mirage (1974) - CamelEN PA SP
2412A Momentary Lapse of Reason (2011 remaster) (1987) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
2512Stupid Dream (1999) - Porcupine TreeEN PA SP
2611...And Then There Were Three... (1978) - GenesisENNLPA SP
2711Affinity (2016) - HakenEN PABCSP
2811Close to the Edge (1972) - YesENNLPA SP
2911Duke (1980) - GenesisENNLPA SP
3011U.K. (1978) - U.K.ENNLPA SP
3111Wind & Wuthering (1976) - GenesisENNLPA SP
3210Afraid of Sunlight (1995) - MarillionENNLPA SP
3310The Division Bell (1994) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
3410Meddle (1971) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
3510Script for a Jester's Tear (1983) - MarillionENNLPA SP
3610Seventeen (2018) - Kayak NLPABCSP
3710The Seventh House (2000) - IQ  PABCSP
3810Witness (2021) - VOLAEN PABCSP
399Cardington (2017) - Lifesigns NLPABC 
409Clutching at Straws (1987) - MarillionENNLPA SP
419Dark Matter (2004) - IQ  PABCSP
429Drama (1980) - YesENNLPA SP
439False Memory Archive (2018) - Oak  PABCSP
449Fugazi (1984) - MarillionENNLPA SP
459In Absentia (2002) - Porcupine TreeENNLPABCSP
469The Ladder (1999) - YesEN PA SP
479Red (1974) - King CrimsonENNLPA SP
489Resistance (2019) - IQ  PABCSP
499Weather Systems (2012) - AnathemaENNLPABCSP
508Altitude (2021) - Lifesigns NLPA  
518Applause of a Distant Crowd (2018) - VOLA  PABCSP
528Blackfield II (2007) - BlackfieldEN PABCSP
538Detachment (2017) - Barock Project  PA SP
548Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977) - SupertrampENNLPA SP
558A Farewell to Kings (1977) - RushENNLPA SP
568Heaven and Beyond (2017) - Knight Area NLPA SP
578I Can See Your House from Here (1979) - CamelENNLPA SP
588Leftoverture (2001 remaster) (1976) - KansasENNLPA SP
598Nude (1981) - CamelENNLPA SP
608Octopus (1972) - Gentle GiantENNLPA SP
618One to Zero (2021) - Sylvan  PA SP
628Out of This World (2021) - Kayak NLPABCSP
638Rajaz (1999) - Camel  PA  
648Relayer (1974) - YesENNLPA SP
658The Road of Bones (2014) - IQEN PABCSP
668Vier (2018) - Perfect Beings NLPA SP
677Children (1995) - Ilúvatar NLPABC 
687Fly from Here (2011) - YesENNLPA SP
697In Search of the Lost Chord (1968) - The Moody BluesEN PA SP
707Lightbulb Sun (2000) - Porcupine TreeEN PA SP
717Lighthouse (2013) - Oak  PA SP
727Lotus (2019) - SoenEN PA SP
737Malina (2017) - LeprousEN PABCSP
747Octavarium (2005) - Dream TheaterENNLPA SP
757Permanent Waves (1980) - RushENNLPA SP
767Power Windows (1985) - RushENNLPA SP
777Song of the Marching Children (1971) - Earth & Fire NLPA SP
787Songs from the Lion's Cage (1995) - ArenaENNLPA SP
797Space Revolver (2000) - The Flower KingsENNLPABCSP
807A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset (2003) - Satellite  PA  
817The Sun Also Rises (2004) - Knight Area NLPA SP
827Tales from Outer Space (2019) - RPWL NLPA SP
837Trespass (1970) - GenesisENNLPA SP
847War Is Over (2017) - Von Hertzen Brothers  PA SP
856Abandoned (2019) - Huis  PA SP
866Aphelion (2021) - LeprousEN PABCSP
876Distant Satellites (2014) - AnathemaENNLPABCSP
886English Electric Part One (2012) - Big Big TrainENNLPABCSP
896Everyone Is Everybody Else (1974) - Barclay James HarvestEN PA SP
906Falling Satellites (2016) - Frost*EN PABCSP
916Folklore (2016) - Big Big TrainENNLPABCSP
926Hold Your Fire (1987) - RushENNLPA SP
936Home Invasion: in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall (2018) - Steven WilsonEN PA SP
946An Hour Before It's Dark (2022) - MarillionENNLPA SP
956Immortal? (2000) - Arena NLPA SP
966Larks' Tongues in Aspic (1973) - King CrimsonENNLPA SP
976Moonmadness (1976) - CamelENNLPA SP
986Nattfiolen (2019) - Jordsjø  PABCSP
996Neither in Heaven (2016) - Huis  PA SP
1006A Nod and a Wink (2002) - Camel  PA  
1016The Optimist (2017) - AnathemaENNLPABCSP
1026Out of Myself (2003) - RiversideENNLPABCSP
1036Pale Communion (2014) - OpethENNLPA SP
1046Pulse (1995) - Pink FloydENNLPA SP
1056Radio Voltaire (2018) - Kino NLPABCSP
1066Signals (1982) - RushENNLPA SP
1076The Source (2017) - AyreonENNLPABCSP
1086V (2017) - BlackfieldEN PABCSP
1096The Window of Life (1993) - Pendragon  PABC 
1106The Yes Album (1971) - YesENNLPA SP
1116Your Wilderness (2016) - The Pineapple ThiefENNLPABCSP
1125The Absence of Presence (2020) - KansasENNLPA SP
1135Artificial Paradise (2002) - Sylvan NLPA SP
1145Asia (1982) - AsiaENNLPA SP
1155Atlantis (1973) - Earth & FireENNLPA SP
1165Closure/Continuation (2022) - Porcupine TreeENNLPA SP
1175Contagion (2003) - Arena  PA SP
1185D-Day (2019) - Knight Area NLPA SP
1195A Day at the Beach (2020) - Airbag  PABCSP
1205Disconnected (2016) - Airbag  PABCSP
1215Dissolution (2018) - The Pineapple ThiefENNLPABCSP
1225Distance over Time (2019) - Dream TheaterEN PABCSP
1235Double Vision (2018) - Arena NLPA SP
1245Fireworker (2020) - Gazpacho  PABCSP
1255The Future Bites (2020) - Steven WilsonEN PA SP
1265Grand Tour (2019) - Big Big TrainENNLPABCSP
1275Innocence & Danger (2021) - The Neal Morse BandEN PABCSP
1285Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017) - Roger WatersEN PA SP
1295Legends of the Shires (2017) - ThresholdEN PABCSP
1305Love over Fear (2020) - Pendragon  PA  
1315Lover's End (2010) - Moon Safari NLPABCSP
1325The Masquerade Overture (1996) - Pendragon  PABC 
1335Memories (1972) - Earth & Fire  PA  
1345Moonshine (1994) - Collage  PA SP
1355Northern Wind (2014) - Harvest  PABCSP
1365Open Your Eyes (1997) - YesEN PA SP
1375Oregon (2004) - Nice Beaver  PA SP
1385Picture (2005) - Kino NLPA SP
1395Pitfalls (2019) - LeprousEN PABCSP
1405Playing House (2021) - MEER  PABCSP
1415The Present (1983) - The Moody BluesENNLPA SP
1425Seconds Out (1977) - GenesisENNLPA SP
1435Secrets of the Rising Sun (2021) - Vienna Circle  PABCSP
1445The Sin (2020) - Millenium  PA SP
1455The Single Factor (1982) - CamelENNLPA SP
1465Solitude (2018) - Io Earth  PA SP
1475Song for America (1975) - KansasENNLPA SP
1485Subterranea (1997) - IQEN PABCSP
1495Valkyrie (2016) - Glass HammerENNLPA  
1505Versions of the Truth (2020) - The Pineapple ThiefENNLPABCSP
1515Wasteland (2018) - RiversideENNLPABCSP
1525Weltschmerz (2020) - Fish NLPA SP
1535The World Is Flat and Other Alternative Facts (2017) - Silhouette  PABCSP
Albums & Tracks played per release year:

Year 1967'68'691970'71'72'73'74'75'76'77'78'791980'81'82'83'84'85
Albums 3241315141514181317139795946
Tracks 682125826080636054673736333420411717
Year 1986'87'88'891990'91'92'93'94'95'96'97'98'992000'01'02'03'04
Albums 4633468101110999132114231422
Tracks 6318581628303538212333475927563554
Year 2005'06'07'08'092010'11'12'13'14'15'16'17'18'192020'21'22'23
Albums 1481512181218172627347585758592865314
Tracks 55134618351826386060711632281751961692039319
Tracks played more than once:

#PlaysArtist - AlbumTrackLengthDates
114Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)13:402016-Jan-19, 2016-Oct-18*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Sep-11, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2020-Dec-15, 2021-Jun-29, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jan-04, 2022-Jul-19*, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
213King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)The Court of the Crimson King9:222016-Jan-12, 2016-Jul-12, 2017-Jan-03, 2017-Oct-24*, 2017-Dec-19, 2018-Oct-16*, 2019-Jan-01, 2019-May-14, 2019-Oct-15*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Aug-24, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
312Genesis - Selling England by the Pound (1973)The Cinema Show11:062016-Oct-18*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Aug-28, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-Jun-04, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-May-26, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
412Genesis - Selling England by the Pound (1973)Firth of Fifth9:342016-May-31, 2016-Oct-25*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-30*, 2019-Jan-01, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Sep-22, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
512Arena - The Visitor (1998)The Hanging Tree7:092016-Oct-11*, 2017-Aug-15, 2017-Oct-24*, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Mar-03, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-May-03, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
611Porcupine Tree - Deadwing (2005)Arriving Somewhere but Not Here12:022016-May-10, 2016-Oct-25*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-30*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Sep-29, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
711Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)Tom Sawyer4:342016-Sep-27, 2016-Oct-18*, 2017-Oct-24*, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-Jan-01, 2019-Oct-22*, 2020-Jan-14, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Mar-09, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
810Yes - Going for the One (1977)Awaken15:382016-Jan-12, 2017-Mar-28, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-09*, 2019-Oct-22*, 2019-Dec-24, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jul-19*, 2023-Apr-04
910Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)Comfortably Numb6:492016-Oct-25*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2019-Jan-01, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-May-25, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
1010Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. (2015)Routine8:582016-Oct-11*, 2017-Apr-18, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Feb-20, 2020-Sep-29, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jul-19*, 2022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*
1110Riverside - Second Life Syndrome (2005)Second Life Syndrome15:402016-Oct-11*, 2017-Oct-24*, 2018-Jan-16, 2018-Oct-09*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
129Yes - Close to the Edge (1972)Close to the Edge18:502016-Oct-25*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-30*, 2019-Jun-25, 2020-Oct-13, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
139Camel - Mirage (1974)Lady Fantasy12:462016-Feb-02, 2016-Nov-01, 2019-Oct-15*, 2020-Jun-02, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
149Steven Wilson - To the Bone (2017)Pariah4:462017-May-30, 2017-Aug-08, 2017-Oct-17*, 2018-Oct-16*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Sep-29, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-12*, 2022-Jul-12*
159Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear (1983)Script for a Jester's Tear8:392016-Oct-25*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-30*, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
168Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments... (1977)Fool's Overture10:512016-Oct-11*, 2017-Aug-15, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-23*, 2021-Oct-12*, 2022-Jul-12*, 2022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*
178Dream Theater - Images and Words (1992)Metropolis Part I: 'The Miracle and the Sleeper'9:322016-Jan-05, 2016-Oct-18*, 2017-Oct-31*, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-Oct-15*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-12*, 2022-Jul-12*
188Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)Wish You Were Here5:342016-Sep-20, 2016-Nov-15, 2017-Sep-26, 2017-Oct-24*, 2018-Oct-23*, 2019-May-28, 2019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-06
197Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet (2007)Anesthetize17:422016-Nov-08, 2017-Oct-24*, 2018-Oct-16*, 2021-Oct-05*, 2022-Jul-05*, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
207Marillion - F E A R (2016)The New Kings16:452016-Aug-23, 2016-Nov-15, 2018-Oct-16*, 2019-Oct-22*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-26*, 2022-Jul-26*
217Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) (2013)The Raven That Refused to Sing7:572019-Dec-24, 2020-Sep-29, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jul-19*, 2022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*
226Genesis - Selling England by the Pound (1973)Dancing with the Moonlit Knight8:012016-Aug-16, 2017-Mar-21, 2018-Apr-03, 2019-Dec-24, 2021-Jan-12, 2021-Dec-07
236Pink Floyd - Meddle (1971)Echoes23:272016-Oct-18*, 2019-Aug-27, 2021-Oct-12*, 2022-Jul-12*, 2022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*
246Genesis - A Trick of the Tale (1976)Entangled6:282016-Feb-02, 2016-Oct-11*, 2017-May-30, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-05*, 2022-Jul-05*
256Knight Area - The Sun Also Rises (2004)Mortal Brow6:212016-Aug-30, 2016-Oct-11*, 2017-Oct-17*, 2018-Oct-09*, 2020-Apr-07, 2020-Oct-20*
266Genesis - Nursery Cryme (1971)The Musical Box10:242016-Jan-19, 2017-Mar-14, 2018-Feb-06, 2018-Apr-24, 2020-Dec-29, 2023-Jan-10
276IQ - Dark Matter (2004)Sacred Sound11:402018-May-01, 2018-Jul-03, 2020-Feb-04, 2020-May-12, 2022-Jan-25, 2023-Apr-18
286Genesis - Nursery Cryme (1971)Seven Stones5:102016-Feb-16, 2017-Jul-25, 2018-Aug-21, 2021-Jun-15, 2022-Jan-11, 2023-Apr-18
296Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)Watcher of the Skies7:192016-Jun-21, 2017-May-02, 2017-Dec-19, 2019-Jan-22, 2020-Oct-06, 2023-Feb-28
305Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight (1995)Afraid of Sunlight6:502018-Sep-04, 2019-Oct-15*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Oct-12*, 2022-Jul-12*
315Haken - Affinity (2016)Earthrise4:482016-May-24, 2016-Dec-20, 2018-May-08, 2019-Mar-12, 2020-Feb-18
325King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)Epitaph8:472016-Sep-13, 2016-Nov-08, 2017-Oct-17*, 2019-May-14, 2023-Feb-21
335Genesis - Nursery Cryme (1971)The Fountain of Salmacis7:542016-Nov-29, 2018-Jun-19, 2019-Apr-09, 2022-Dec-06, 2023-Feb-21
345Yes - Fragile (1971)Heart of the Sunrise11:272016-Apr-05, 2021-Apr-20, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*, 2023-Feb-21
355Camel - I Can See Your House from Here (1979)Ice10:102016-Mar-01, 2020-Feb-25, 2022-Jan-18, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
365Genesis - A Trick of the Tale (1976)Mad Man Moon7:352016-Mar-22, 2016-May-17, 2019-Apr-02, 2019-Sep-10, 2023-Feb-07
375Earth & Fire - Memories (1972)Memories3:202017-Apr-11, 2019-Jan-01, 2021-Sep-28, 2022-Jun-28, 2023-Feb-28
385Yes - Going for the One (1977)Parallels6:522016-Feb-23, 2017-Jul-04, 2017-Nov-21, 2018-Jun-26, 2021-Jan-19
395Pink Floyd - The Division Bell (1994)Poles Apart7:042017-Jun-13, 2018-Feb-13, 2018-May-29, 2019-Dec-24, 2021-Jan-19
405Yes - Fragile (1971)Roundabout8:292017-Jun-06, 2018-Apr-10, 2018-Oct-09*, 2022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*
415Yes - Fragile (1971)South Side of the Sky8:042017-Nov-14, 2018-Mar-20, 2019-Nov-05, 2020-Dec-15, 2022-Nov-15
425Genesis - Foxtrot (1972)Supper's Ready22:582016-Jan-26, 2017-Jun-13, 2019-Aug-20, 2022-Oct-18*, 2022-Dec-27*
435Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon (1973)Time7:062016-Mar-29, 2017-Sep-05, 2021-May-11, 2022-Mar-22, 2023-Mar-01
445Yes - Going for the One (1977)Turn of the Century8:582016-Jun-07, 2017-Jan-24, 2019-Dec-10, 2021-Dec-07, 2022-Sep-20
454Oak - False Memory Archive (2018)Claire de Lune7:162018-Nov-13, 2019-Aug-20, 2022-Jun-21, 2022-Nov-01
464Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)Counting Out Time3:422017-Feb-14, 2017-May-09, 2018-Sep-25, 2019-Sep-24
474Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories) (2013)Drive Home7:372017-Oct-17*, 2019-Nov-05, 2020-Sep-29, 2022-Jun-28
484IQ - The Seventh House (2000)Erosion5:432017-Aug-08, 2018-Jan-16, 2021-Jan-26, 2022-Jun-28
494Ilúvatar - Children (1995)Given Away6:392016-Apr-12, 2017-Aug-01, 2020-Mar-17, 2022-Jun-21
504U.K. - U.K. (1978)In the Dead of Night5:382016-Mar-01, 2017-Jan-10, 2017-Feb-07, 2021-Aug-31
514IQ - The Road of Bones (2014)The Road of Bones8:322017-Oct-17*, 2019-Jul-16, 2019-Oct-22*, 2020-Oct-20*
524Airbag - Disconnected (2016)Sleepwalker7:052016-Jun-07, 2016-Sep-20, 2016-Dec-27, 2017-Oct-03
534Anathema - Weather Systems (2012)Untouchable, Part 16:142019-Oct-29*, 2020-Oct-27*, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jul-19*
544Yes - The Yes Album (1971)Yours Is No Disgrace9:362017-Apr-25, 2019-Oct-22*, 2021-Feb-02, 2021-Dec-28
553Blackfield - Blackfield II (2007)1,000 People3:542016-Jun-07, 2019-Dec-24, 2020-Sep-29
563Genesis - Wind & Wuthering (1976)Afterglow4:122016-Jun-07, 2018-Jan-23, 2020-Mar-17
573Pendragon - The Masquerade Overture (1996)As Good as Gold7:152021-Oct-05*, 2022-Apr-19, 2022-Jul-05*
583Solution - Cordon Bleu (1975)Black Pearl6:152018-Oct-02, 2019-Jul-23, 2021-Nov-23
593Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three... (1978)Burning Rope7:092019-Apr-30, 2020-Aug-25, 2022-Apr-05
603Arena - Immortal? (2000)The Butterfly Man8:562016-Apr-19, 2017-Nov-14, 2019-Mar-05
613Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)The Camera Eye10:572018-Apr-17, 2020-Jun-02, 2022-Apr-19
623Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)The Carpet Crawlers5:152021-Apr-06, 2021-Oct-19*, 2022-Jul-19*
633Genesis - Seconds Out (1977)The Cinema Show (live)11:002016-Apr-12, 2017-Jan-24, 2022-Jun-28
643Camel - Stationary Traveller (1984)Cloak and Dagger Man3:552016-Apr-26, 2018-Jun-12, 2021-May-04
653Rush - A Farewell to Kings (1977)Closer to the Heart2:512019-Mar-05, 2019-Jul-23, 2020-Aug-11
663Kayak - Seventeen (2018)Cracks8:502019-Nov-05, 2020-May-26, 2021-Mar-23
673Alan Reed - Honey on the Razor's Edge (2017)Cross My Palm5:472017-Aug-15, 2018-Jan-16, 2018-Aug-07
683Camel - Nude (1981)Drafted4:132016-May-24, 2017-May-16, 2020-Apr-21
693Ayreon - The Source (2017)The Dream Dissolves6:112017-Apr-18, 2017-Jun-13, 2018-Jan-30
703King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic (1973)Easy Money7:542017-Nov-28, 2019-May-14, 2022-May-17
713King Crimson - Red (1974)Fallen Angel6:002017-Jun-27, 2018-Jun-19, 2021-Mar-30
723Yes - Fly from Here (2011)Fly from Here, Part 1: We Can Fly6:002016-Feb-02, 2018-Aug-14, 2021-Jul-27
733King Crimson - Discipline (1981)Frame by Frame5:082016-Jul-19, 2019-Mar-05, 2022-Apr-12
743Yes - Relayer (1974)The Gates of Delirium21:502022-Oct-11*, 2022-Dec-20*, 2023-Mar-14
753Marillion - B'Sides Themselves (1988)Grendel17:142018-Jan-02, 2022-Oct-25*, 2023-Jan-03*
763IQ - Dark Matter (2004)Harvest of Souls24:292021-Mar-30, 2021-Oct-05*, 2022-Jul-05*
773Pink Floyd - The Division Bell (1994)High Hopes8:312017-Jan-10, 2017-Dec-12, 2022-Jun-21
783IQ - Subterranea (1997)High Waters2:432016-Aug-30, 2018-Jun-19, 2023-Jan-31
793Camel - I Can See Your House from Here (1979)Hymn to Her5:232016-Aug-09, 2017-Jan-31, 2020-Feb-18
803PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi) - Storia di un Minuto (1972)Impressioni di Settembre5:442016-Feb-16, 2016-Oct-04, 2017-Sep-19
813Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink (1971)In the Land of Grey and Pink4:512017-Apr-18, 2017-Sep-12, 2019-Feb-12
823Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight (1995)King7:042018-Mar-06, 2020-Aug-11, 2021-Apr-27
833Gentle Giant - Octopus (1972)Knots4:112019-Jun-04, 2023-Apr-11, 2023-May-16
843The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord (1968)Legend of a Mind6:362016-Sep-06, 2016-Nov-22, 2018-Nov-13
853Camel - Nude (1981)Lies4:582017-Aug-29, 2018-Apr-10, 2018-Nov-06
863Porcupine Tree - Lightbulb Sun (2000)Lightbulb Sun5:302016-May-03, 2018-Feb-13, 2023-May-09
873Marillion - F E A R (2016)Living in F E A R6:252016-Dec-27, 2017-Sep-19, 2020-Feb-20
883Anathema - Distant Satellites (2014)The Lost Song, Part 35:212016-Jun-07, 2017-Feb-14, 2022-Sep-13
893Camel - The Single Factor (1982)Manic4:242019-Nov-26, 2021-Apr-13, 2021-Jul-27
903Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day (2017)Meaningless4:472017-Jan-10, 2017-Apr-04, 2017-Dec-26
913Yes - The Ladder (1999)The Messenger5:132016-Dec-06, 2017-May-23, 2020-Mar-03
923Arena - Songs from the Lion's Cage (1995)Midas Vision4:362019-Mar-26, 2019-Oct-08, 2021-Mar-02
933Pink Floyd - The Wall (1979)Mother5:322017-Mar-07, 2018-Jul-24, 2020-Jun-09
943U.K. - U.K. (1978)Nevermore8:092017-May-09, 2020-Aug-25, 2022-Sep-13
953Steven Wilson - To the Bone (2017)Refuge6:432017-Aug-29, 2018-Jan-09, 2022-May-03
963Yes - Drama (1980)Run Through the Light4:392016-Sep-06, 2017-Sep-26, 2018-Jan-09
973Camel - A Nod and a Wink (2002)Simple Pleasures5:312019-Sep-10, 2020-Jan-07, 2020-Dec-22
983Camel - Moonmadness (1976)Song Within a Song7:182017-Nov-28, 2018-Feb-13, 2023-Mar-14
993Pink Floyd - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (2011 remaster) (1987)Sorrow8:462017-Feb-21, 2018-Nov-13, 2021-Apr-20
1003Rush - Permanent Waves (1980)The Spirit of Radio4:562018-Oct-09*, 2020-Oct-20*, 2021-Nov-09
1013King Crimson - Red (1974)Starless12:182017-Jan-31, 2017-Sep-12, 2023-Mar-28
1023Leprous - Malina (2017)Stuck6:482017-Aug-29, 2017-Nov-07, 2018-May-29
1033Marillion - Clutching at Straws (1987)Sugar Mice5:462017-Nov-07, 2020-Mar-17, 2021-Jul-20
1043Kayak - Seventeen (2018)Walk Through Fire10:232018-Jan-23, 2018-Apr-17, 2018-Jul-24
  * = entry in Symfo Top 25
Intermediate weeks for repeated tracks (excluding specials):

#WeeksArtist - AlbumTrackLengthDates
11 The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth (2020)Our Mire7:222020-Sep-01 2020-Sep-08
23 OSI - Blood (2009)Terminal6:302023-Feb-14 2023-Mar-07
34 U.K. - U.K. (1978)In the Dead of Night5:382017-Jan-10 2017-Feb-07
45 Gentle Giant - Octopus (1972)Knots4:112023-Apr-11 2023-May-16
56 Blackfield - V (2017)Family Man3:372016-Dec-13 2017-Jan-24
Ulver - The Assassination of Julius Caesar (2017)19694:002017-Jun-27 2017-Aug-08
68 Genesis - A Trick of the Tale (1976)Mad Man Moon7:352016-Mar-22 2016-May-17
King Crimson - In the Court of the Crimson King (1969)Epitaph8:472016-Sep-13 2016-Nov-08
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (1975)Wish You Were Here5:342016-Sep-20 2016-Nov-15
Blackfield - V (2017)We'll Never Be Apart2:542017-Mar-14 2017-May-09
Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017)Picture That6:472017-Jun-20 2017-Aug-15
Lifesigns - Cardington (2017)N10:572017-Oct-10 2017-Dec-05
79 IQ - Dark Matter (2004)Sacred Sound11:402018-May-01 2018-Jul-03
810 Steven Wilson - To the Bone (2017)Pariah4:462017-May-30 2017-Aug-08
Leprous - Malina (2017)Stuck6:482017-Aug-29 2017-Nov-07
Threshold - Legends of the Shires (2017)The Shire (Part 2)5:242017-Sep-19 2017-Nov-28
911 The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord (1968)Legend of a Mind6:362016-Sep-06 2016-Nov-22
Kino - Picture (2005)Perfect Tense4:162017-Sep-26 2017-Dec-12
Camel - Moonmadness (1976)Song Within a Song7:182017-Nov-28 2018-Feb-13
Genesis - Nursery Cryme (1971)The Musical Box10:242018-Feb-06 2018-Apr-24
The Pineapple Thief - Dissolution (2018)Threatening War6:372018-Aug-28 2018-Nov-13
1012 Marillion - F E A R (2016)The New Kings16:452016-Aug-23 2016-Nov-15
Pain of Salvation - In the Passing Light of Day (2017)Meaningless4:472017-Jan-10 2017-Apr-04
Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)Counting Out Time3:422017-Feb-14 2017-May-09
Kayak - Seventeen (2018)Walk Through Fire10:232018-Jan-23 2018-Apr-17
1114 Jethro Tull - Aqualung (1971)Locomotive Breath4:252017-Dec-05 2018-Mar-13
Kayak - Seventeen (2018)Walk Through Fire10:232018-Apr-17 2018-Jul-24
IQ - Dark Matter (2004)Sacred Sound11:402020-Feb-04 2020-May-12
1215 Airbag - Disconnected (2016)Sleepwalker7:052016-Jun-07 2016-Sep-20
Yes - Drama (1980)Run Through the Light4:392017-Sep-26 2018-Jan-09
Pink Floyd - The Division Bell (1994)Poles Apart7:042018-Feb-13 2018-May-29
Camel - The Single Factor (1982)Manic4:242021-Apr-13 2021-Jul-27
1316 Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three... (1978)Undertow4:452017-Aug-15 2017-Dec-05
Genesis - Trespass (1970)Stagnation8:482020-Jul-21 2020-Nov-10
1417 The Rome Pro(G)Ject - Exegi Monvmentvm Aere Perennivs (2017)Exegi Monvmentvm12:452018-Mar-06 2018-Jul-03
Camel - A Nod and a Wink (2002)Simple Pleasures5:312019-Sep-10 2020-Jan-07
Vienna Circle - Secrets of the Rising Sun (2021)Canyons7:092021-Aug-17 2021-Dec-14
1518 Yes - Fragile (1971)South Side of the Sky8:042017-Nov-14 2018-Mar-20
Leprous - Aphelion (2021)Out of Here4:162021-Aug-31 2022-Jan-04
1619 Steven Wilson - To the Bone (2017)Refuge6:432017-Aug-29 2018-Jan-09
Genesis - Trespass (1970)White Mountain6:422017-Aug-29 2018-Jan-09
Kansas - The Absence of Presence (2020)Animals on the Roof5:132020-Aug-18 2020-Dec-29
Oak - False Memory Archive (2018)Claire de Lune7:162022-Jun-21 2022-Nov-01
1720 Yes - Going for the One (1977)Parallels6:522017-Jul-04 2017-Nov-21
Nad Sylvan - The Bride Said No (2017)The Quartermaster5:382017-Jul-04 2017-Nov-21
Silhouette - The World Is Flat and Other Alternative Facts (2017)March of Peace5:382017-Oct-10 2018-Feb-27
Rush - A Farewell to Kings (1977)Closer to the Heart2:512019-Mar-05 2019-Jul-23
The Pineapple Thief - Versions of the Truth (2020)Break It All4:232020-Nov-17 2021-Apr-06
1822 Alan Reed - Honey on the Razor's Edge (2017)Cross My Palm5:472017-Aug-15 2018-Jan-16
1923 Marillion - F E A R (2016)White Paper7:182016-Oct-04 2017-Mar-14
IQ - Tales from the Lush Attic (1983)The Enemy Smacks13:492017-Jun-27 2017-Dec-05
IQ - The Seventh House (2000)Erosion5:432017-Aug-08 2018-Jan-16
Airbag - Identity (2009)Feeling Less5:052018-Feb-06 2018-Jul-17
Genesis - A Trick of the Tale (1976)Mad Man Moon7:352019-Apr-02 2019-Sep-10
Gazpacho - Fireworker (2020)Fireworker4:412020-Jul-28 2021-Jan-05
2024 Yes - The Ladder (1999)The Messenger5:132016-Dec-06 2017-May-23
Longest & shortest shows:

#Music lengthDateTracks
1120:352020-Feb-20Album Top-20 2020:
3:35 :Arena - This Way Madness Lies (live)
4:59 :Sylvan - Posthumous Silence
4:53 :Anathema - The Beginning and the End
5:55 :IQ - Ocean
5:59 :Dream Theater - Losing Time / Grand Finale
4:59 :Porcupine Tree - The Sound of Muzak
3:14 :Rush - Halo Effect
6:57 :IQ - Zero Hour
3:46 :Porcupine Tree - Open Car
14:30 :Transatlantic - Suite Charlotte Pike
4:42 :Ayreon - Day Fourteen: Pride
6:40 :Pendragon - Green Eyed Angel
5:23 :Transatlantic - For Such a Time
5:03 :Steven Wilson - The Pin Drop
4:38 :Riverside - In Two Minds
6:25 :Marillion - Living in F E A R
6:34 :Gazpacho - Chequered Light Buildings
5:48 :Marillion - Don't Hurt Yourself
7:37 :Porcupine Tree - Way Out of Here
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
2119:202021-Oct-26Symfo Top 25 (part 4):
16:45 :Marillion - The New Kings
12:46 :Camel - Lady Fantasy
15:40 :Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
7:09 :Arena - The Hanging Tree
8:39 :Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
18:50 :Yes - Close to the Edge
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
6:49 :Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
9:34 :Genesis - Firth of Fifth
3116:412017-Oct-31Symfo Top 25 (parts 3-4):
15:38 :Yes - Awaken
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
9:32 :Dream Theater - Metropolis Part I: 'The Miracle and the Sleeper'
10:51 :Supertramp - Fool's Overture
8:39 :Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear
13:40 :Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
18:50 :Yes - Close to the Edge
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
9:34 :Genesis - Firth of Fifth
6:49 :Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
4113:172022-Oct-25Symfo Top 25 (parts 5-6):
17:14 :Marillion - Grendel
4:34 :Rush - Tom Sawyer
18:50 :Yes - Close to the Edge
15:40 :Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
6:49 :Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
7:09 :Arena - The Hanging Tree
12:46 :Camel - Lady Fantasy
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
9:34 :Genesis - Firth of Fifth
8:39 :Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear
5110:322022-Oct-11Symfo Top 25 (parts 1-2):
5:00 :U.K. - Rendezvous 6:02
7:57 :Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing
10:51 :Supertramp - Fool's Overture
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
23:27 :Pink Floyd - Echoes
8:29 :Yes - Roundabout
24:00 :Dream Theater - Octavarium
21:50 :Yes - The Gates of Delirium
6110:112019-Oct-29Symfo Top 25 (parts 3-4):
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
6:14 :Anathema - Untouchable, Part 1
4:46 :Steven Wilson - Pariah
13:40 :Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
7:09 :Arena - The Hanging Tree
5:34 :Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
15:40 :Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
8:39 :Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
6:49 :Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
9:34 :Genesis - Firth of Fifth
7108:562022-Oct-18Symfo Top 25 (parts 3-4):
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
17:42 :Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize
13:40 :Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
12:31 :Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (6-9)
9:22 :King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King
11:27 :Yes - Heart of the Sunrise
10:10 :Camel - Ice
22:58 :Genesis - Supper's Ready
8108:412020-Oct-20Symfo Top 25 (parts 1-2):
6:21 :Knight Area - Mortal Brow
4:56 :Rush - The Spirit of Radio
6:28 :Genesis - Entangled
8:32 :IQ - The Road of Bones
4:46 :Steven Wilson - Pariah
9:22 :King Crimson - The Court of the Crimson King
4:34 :Rush - Tom Sawyer
7:57 :Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing
16:45 :Marillion - The New Kings
9:32 :Dream Theater - Metropolis Part I: 'The Miracle and the Sleeper'
6:50 :Marillion - Afraid of Sunlight
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
13:40 :Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
9105:372020-Oct-27Symfo Top 25 (parts 3-4):
12:46 :Camel - Lady Fantasy
15:38 :Yes - Awaken
6:14 :Anathema - Untouchable, Part 1
7:09 :Arena - The Hanging Tree
8:39 :Marillion - Script for a Jester's Tear
15:40 :Riverside - Second Life Syndrome
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
6:49 :Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
9:34 :Genesis - Firth of Fifth
10105:192020-Sep-29Steven Wilson special:
4:11 :Steven Wilson - Nowhere Now (live)
5:11 :Porcupine Tree - Synesthesia
4:07 :Blackfield - Blackfield
13:04 :Porcupine Tree - Russia on Ice
10:49 :Steven Wilson - Home Invasion / Regret #9 (live)
5:07 :Porcupine Tree - My Ashes
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
3:34 :Steven Wilson - Permanating
7:37 :Steven Wilson - Drive Home
12:02 :Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere but Not Here
5:08 :Steven Wilson - Harmony Korine
4:46 :Steven Wilson - Pariah
4:23 :Porcupine Tree - Blackest Eyes
3:54 :Blackfield - 1,000 People
4:31 :Porcupine Tree - Stranger by the Minute
7:57 :Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused to Sing
#Music lengthDateTracks
139:212017-Apr-18Ayreon special:
3:36 :Ayreon - All That Was
4:51 :Caravan - In the Land of Grey and Pink
6:11 :Ayreon - The Dream Dissolves
4:46 :Ayreon - Day Sixteen: Loser
7:46 :Carptree - The Fleeting Deep
8:58 :Steven Wilson - Routine
3:13 :Triumvirat - The Capital of Power (live)
243:152023-Mar-01Dark Side of the Moon 50th anniversary:
1:16 :Pink Floyd - Speak to Me
2:44 :Pink Floyd - Breathe (In the Air)
3:45 :Pink Floyd - On the Run
7:06 :Pink Floyd - Time
4:44 :Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky
6:32 :Pink Floyd - Money
7:49 :Pink Floyd - Us and Them
3:25 :Pink Floyd - Any Colour You Like
3:50 :Pink Floyd - Brain Damage
2:04 :Pink Floyd - Eclipse
6:25 :Steve Hackett - Spectral Mornings (live)
5:23 :Pain of Salvation - Used
8:29 :David Minasian - The Wind of Heaven (Prologue)
6:48 :The Flower Kings - Broken
8:48 :Genesis - Stagnation
5:42 :Soen - Covenant
5:46 :Asia - Nothing's Forever
5:40 :Asia - Here Comes the Feeling
6:29 :Gleb Kolyadin - Astral Architecture
5:23 :Kino - I Don't Know Why
4:52 :Genesis - Home by the Sea
7:56 :Fractal Mirror - Close to Vapour
15:41 :Ilúvatar - Indian Rain
2:08 :Steven Wilson - Blank Tapes
4:30 :Arena - No Chance Encounter
8:31 :Pattern-Seeking Animals - Raining Hard in Heaven
11:06 :Genesis - The Cinema Show
5:08 :Fish on Friday - We've Come Undone
6:09 :Harvest - Something's Changing
8:50 :Kayak - Cracks
4:04 :Marillion - Torch Song
4:49 :Genesis - ...In That Quiet Earth
5:40 :Galahad - Hindsight 2 - A Very Clever Guy Indeed
5:39 :Sanguine Hum - Speak to Us
13:36 :Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly - Friendship
9:53 :The Tangent - Supper's Off
8:52 :Frank van Essen - Labyrinth
11:40 :IQ - Sacred Sound
4:10 :Realisea - Las Vegas Lace
7:22 :Tiger Moth Tales - The Ballad of Longshank John (live)
5:39 :Rick Miller - The Need to Believe
5:17 :Pink Floyd - Two Suns in the Sunset
7:29 :Glass Hammer - Cold Star
7:28 :Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
8:32 :Tears for Fears - Badman's Song
6:16 :Yes - Changes
7:18 :Fish - Walking on Eggshells
13:49 :Wobbler - By the Banks
7:49 :Camel - Song Within a Song (live)
5:22 :Ayreon - Talk of the Town
8:04 :Quidam - Of Illusions
4:27 :Mew - Carry Me to Safety
5:02 :Barclay James Harvest - Child of the Universe
5:38 :U.K. - In the Dead of Night
6:38 :Magnum - The Valley of Tears
7:42 :Knight Area - Heaven and Beyond
7:22 :Karnataka - After the Rain (live)
4:13 :PBII - Into the Light
4:47 :Oak - False Memory Archive
4:33 :Dilemma - All That Matters
9:05 :Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight (live)
9:50 :Roine Stolt's the Flower King - Lost America
8:46 :Pink Floyd - Money (live)
5:43 :Riverside - River Down Below
6:29 :Kansas - Miracles Out of Nowhere
1:26 :Moon Safari - Constant Bloom
10:11 :Moon Safari - Bluebells
3:06 :Earth & Fire - Ebbtide
9:49 :Steven Wilson - Personal Shopper
4:10 :Yes - Leave It
8:45 :Pure Reason Revolution - Ghosts & Typhoons
5:29 :Marathon - I'll Be There
6:21 :Knight Area - Mortal Brow
3:48 :IQ - Alampandria
9:01 :Millenium - Born in 67
5:41 :Downes / Braide Association (DBA) - Machinery of Fate (live)
10:02 :Franck Carducci - The After Effect
9:06 :Sylvan - Pane of Truth
7:31 :Pink Floyd - Welcome to the Machine
4:32 :Dreaming Madmen - Lock Thyself
3:58 :VOLA - Ghosts
6:15 :Solution - Black Pearl
7:26 :The Paradox Twin - Cycles
6:10 :Riverside - Lament
6:01 :Alquin - Return to the Blue Planet
7:11 :Knight Area - The Reaper
8:11 :Kayak - The Last Battle
4:42 :Ayreon - And the Druids Turned to Stone (live)
7:45 :Ayreon - Dawn of a Million Souls
4:55 :The Opium Cartel - In the Streets
10:33 :Yes - America (2003 remaster)
5:09 :Caligula's Horse - Valkyrie
4:20 :Enchant - What to Say
7:30 :I Am the Manic Whale - Billionaire
5:03 :Jadis - Follow Me to Salzburg
4:45 :Fish - Internal Exile
4:00 :Phideaux - Hive Mind
7:06 :Pink Floyd - Time
4:03 :Steven Wilson - Nowhere Now
8:33 :Yes - Roundabout (live)
11:51 :Threshold - The Man Who Saw Through Time
10:40 :Lifesigns - Cardington
3:51 :Leprous - From the Flame
Epics & Quickies:

#LengthTrackAlbum - Artist
131:53KaleidoscopeKaleidoscope (2014) - Transatlantic
227:53The Duke SuiteDuke (1980) - Genesis
324:52Song of ScheherazadeScheherazade and Other Stories (1975) - Renaissance
424:29Harvest of SoulsDark Matter (2004) - IQ
524:00OctavariumOctavarium (2005) - Dream Theater
623:27EchoesMeddle (1971) - Pink Floyd
723:04EruptionFocus II a.k.a. Moving Waves (1971) - Focus
822:58The Gates of DeliriumYesshows (1980) - Yes
922:58Supper's ReadyFoxtrot (1972) - Genesis
1022:25VisionsVisions (2011) - Haken
1121:50The Gates of DeliriumRelayer (1974) - Yes
1221:40Hergest Ridge, Part OneHergest Ridge (1974) - Mike Oldfield
1321:15DissolutionThe Hungry Heart (2021) - Smalltape
1420:3321122112 (1976) - Rush
1520:27The Revealing Science of God - Dance of the DawnTales from Topographic Oceans (1973) - Yes
1620:20BabelBabel (2022) - Lesoir
1720:12CrystallisedL+1VE (2018) - Haken
1820:00The Narrow MarginSubterranea (1997) - IQ
1919:43Looking for John MaddockLooking for John Maddock (2009) - Flamborough Head
2019:43MoviedromeImmortal? (2000) - Arena
2119:34Lighter Than AirMagnified as Giants (2021) - Caligonaut
2219:32Die Before You WakeMonsters from the Id (2022) - Ben Craven
2319:21La Maschera di CeraLa Maschera di Cera (2002) - La Maschera di Cera
2419:13White RainbowWhite Rainbow (2019) - Mostly Autumn
2519:13Cries for the LonelyCivilisation (2018) - Southern Empire
2619:11Amnis Flows AeternumMonsters from the Id (2022) - Ben Craven
2718:53The Future MeMimi's Magic Moment (2005) - Salem Hill
2818:50Close to the EdgeClose to the Edge (1972) - Yes
2918:42AnnunakiVier (2018) - Perfect Beings
3018:4142Don't Panic (2019) - IZZ
#LengthTrackAlbum - Artist
10:23Baby Can It Be True (1965) (abridged)Wade in the Water (2012) - The Graham Bond Organisation
21:16Speak to MeThe Dark Side of the Moon (1973) - Pink Floyd
31:26Constant BloomBlomljud (2008) - Moon Safari
41:27Anarchy-XOperation: Mindcrime (1988) - Queensrÿche
51:33Watcher of the Skies (abridged)Foxtrot (1972) - Genesis
61:36ProviderSubterannea: the Concert (2000) - IQ
71:55Occam's RazorThe Incident (2009) - Porcupine Tree
82:01Le ClochardFocus II a.k.a. Moving Waves (1971) - Focus
92:04EclipseThe Dark Side of the Moon (1973) - Pink Floyd
102:08Duke's EndDuke (1980) - Genesis
112:08Blank TapesTo the Bone (2017) - Steven Wilson
122:10ConceptionCairo (1994) - Cairo
132:10SerenityThe Visitor (1998) - Arena
142:17Malignant NarcissismSnakes & Arrows (2007) - Rush
152:17Fallen Walls and PedestalsAt the Edge of Light (2019) - Steve Hackett
162:21Under IceHounds of Love (1985) - Kate Bush
172:21I Can Only See the LightsShow a Little Love (2010) - The Pineapple Thief
182:24White FeatherMisplaced Childhood (2017 remaster) (1985) - Marillion
192:25Ha! Ha! Said the ClownMighty Garvey! (1968) - Manfred Mann
202:33UsVoices in My Head (2005) - Riverside
212:37Julia DreamRelics (1971) - Pink Floyd
222:42Carnival of the AnimalsSong of the Marching Children (1971) - Earth & Fire
232:43High WatersSubterranea (1997) - IQ
242:44Breathe (In the Air)The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) - Pink Floyd
252:44JerusalemBrain Salad Surgery (1973) - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
262:46ImaginingAt Last... The Tale and Other Stories (2019) - The Last Detail
272:48One Fine DayHouse of the Mind (2017) - Comedy of Errors
282:49Book of SaturdayLarks' Tongues in Aspic (1973) - King Crimson
292:50TideTime and Tide (1975) - Greenslade
302:50Sancto LaurentMandalaband IV: AD Sangreal (2011) - Mandalaband
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